13 October 2017

ABeeX – Document Dematerialization

An easy-to-access SaaS solution “ABeeX-Dematerialization” !

Available in SaaS mode and hosted in our cloud, ABeeX-Dematerialisation does not require any installation on client workstations. Moreover, it is entirely accessible on the Web.

Its deployment is very fast and its access very flexible, thanks to the use of SaaS and Web access. On the other hand, this access guarantees a high level of security via an encrypted connection between your client workstations (PC, tablet) and the dedicated server in the cloud.

ABeeX-Dematerialisation benefits from a simple and ergonomic interface and allows for easy and quick registration of documents and letters. In other words, it takes on its full dimension when coupled with a scanner.

Scanning a document automatically opens the window for entering a new letter and displays a preview on the right-hand side. The user can then enter the information related to this mail.

Complete document and mail management made easy !

ABeeX-Demat also allows :

  • Identify documents and correspondence in a unique way to ensure traceability.
  • Organise the digital management of documents and attachments (correspondence documents, emails, faxes, invoices, deeds…) during each stage of the life cycle such as
    • registration
    • validation
    • processing
    • closing
  • Facilitating searches on multiple criteria and full text.
  • Ensure traceability until archiving and destruction.

In addition, it is possible to optimise the organisation and document processes in the departments. In order to achieve the goal of “paperless”, it is therefore necessary to ensure complete dematerialization of the process, including the supporting documents.

It is based on the Maarch technical foundation, being the most successful Electronic Document Management (EDM) and Electronic Archiving solution in the open source world. Complete and scalable, this EDM and SAE archiving solution is released under the free GNU GPL license.

It includes all the functionalities of an EDM and complies with international archiving standards (ISO 15489, NF Z42-013). Consequently, this makes it an ideal solution for all EDM / EAS issues.

Incomparable advantages and services !

Our ABeeX-Dematerialization solution provides you with the following multiple benefits :

  • Minimal set-up costs in relation to the technologies and services provided
  • Reduced operating costs (no on-site server installation, and therefore no electricity consumption, etc.)
  • Assurance of support and maintenance via a single point of contact
  • Pooling of resources since this solution can host multiple entities (town halls, community of municipalities, etc.)
  • Assurance of reversibility not only for the archive but also for the electronic archiving system.
  • Data backup included in the offer
  • Increase in server resources and power transparently and without interruption of service
  • Support and advice in obtaining NFZ42-013 certification (“Specifications for the design and operation of computer systems to ensure the preservation and integrity of documents stored in these systems”)