13 October 2017


Drawing on its network, system and security skills, ABlogiX has designed a Cloud called “ABeeX” in a Tier3+ DataCenter near Le Mans to provide a range of innovative services to customers.

ABlogiX also advises and deploys private cloud infrastructures based on OpenStack, OpenNebula and Proxmox technologies according to the client’s needs.

Resource, confidentiality and security constraints may require the distribution of project data and services over several Cloud hosts. In order to meet this flexibility in the distribution of services and projects on a hybrid Cloud infrastructure with containers, ABlogiX advises and deploys the OpenShift solution which uses Docker and Kubernetes technologies.Les contraintes de ressources, de confidentialité et de sécurité peuvent nécessiter la répartition des données projets et des services sur plusieurs hébergements Cloud.

These SaaS services will make it possible to meet the various expectations of the market, which are :

Cost reductionFlexibility of implementationData security

Le cloud ABeeX offre un ensemble de services à votre disposition :

  • Collaborative project management,
  • Application security testing with APPSCAN,
  • Domain name security monitoring : SQUATMON,
  • The ABeeX solution – One-stop shop for local authorities: Town Halls, Colleges, and companies,
  • The ABeeX solution – Dematerialisation for documents and mail.