13 October 2017

Software security

Scalable Security Scanner with a complete offer

HCL AppScan is a scalable application vulnerability scanning tool that provides SAST, DAST, IAST, OSA and enterprise-level management capabilities to manage risk and compliance throughout the Secure DevOps application development lifecycle. APPSCAN integrates with CI/CD and Value Stream Management (VSM) tools to automate analysis and detect vulnerabilities early.

Already during the coding process, the developer can benefit from free detection and remediation support with the CodeSweep analyser, which can be downloaded and used for free from APPSCAN SOURCE. 

Deploy security the way you want it

HCL AppScan allows customers to access multiple testing tools through flexible deployment capabilities: cloud-based deployment, on-premise deployment, or a combination of both.

Advantages :

  • Unique Editor,
  • Flexibility of scanning modes,
  • Can be installed on your infrastructure or used directly as a SaaS,
  • Can be used in Hybrid mode,
  • Optimisation functions based on Machine Learning,
  • Accuracy and speed,
  • And more and more innovations.