13 October 2017

AppScan Standard

AppScan Standard is a dynamic application security testing tool designed for security experts and pen-testers. It allows you to perform dynamic tests while your web and web-based applications are running.

Using a powerful scanning engine, AppScan Standard automatically scans the target application for vulnerabilities. The test results are prioritised. They are then presented in a way that allows the operator to quickly sort out the issues and narrow down the most critical vulnerabilities found.

This tool is also part of the HCL APPSCAN suite. Moreover, it is easily installed on a PC. The various vulnerability tests are then performed during the execution of the application, using techniques similar to those used by hackers.

AppScan Standard also integrates with APPSCAN ENTERPRISE or ASoC (on Cloud) to consolidate the results in its Dashboard. This allows security risks to be managed for all applications in the company. This consolidation offers mitigation between the different types of APPSCAN security test results: Dynamic, Static, Interactive, …

ABlogiX is certified since 2012 on this tool. You can call on our experts to advise you, train you and support you in the deployment of these solutions.

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