13 October 2017

DVO_Tr2 – Qualimetry with SonarQube

Ref : DVO_Tr2


This training will enable you to become familiar with the tools contributing to code quality, to prepare and install the environment required for your development projects. The practical work will allow you to implement a scenario combining different tools in order to better understand the configuration needs and even identify the specific plugins to install.

Public concerned

  • Developers
  • Webmasters
  • Project managers
  • Architects
  • Consultants


  • Master the basics of development
  • Basic knowledge of Maven
  • Basic knowledge of Jenkins


  • Understand the principles of Sonar and its architecture
  • How to use and administer Sonar
  • Integrating Sonar into a continuous integration environment



  • Quality measurement in the development cycle: the benefits
  • Getting started with Sonar

Basic concepts

  • Integration with engineering processes
  • Manual launch of an analysis
  • Automation during a build in Jenkins

Tools required

  • Definition
    • Infrastructure sizing
    • Source code management
    • Integration server (Jenkins)
  • Dashboard (Sonar)
  • Tips and best practices

Installation and configuration of tools

  • Infrastructure configuration
  • Maven and Sonar runner
  • Practical work

Basic use

  • Launching an analysis with a Maven project
  • Launching an analysis with the Sonar runner
  • Practical work

Advanced concepts

  • Use of new plugins
  • TUSAR and other plugins

Training environment

  • A training aid will be provided in paper format to each trainee
  • A training room with a video projector, a whiteboard and 1 PC per trainee
  • A virtual machine under Virtual Box will be installed on the training machines to carry out the practical exercises


2 days (the content can be adapted according to the technological context and the level of knowledge of the trainees).

  • The training can be provided both face-to-face and remotely
  • The training can take place on an inter-company or intra-company basis

More information ?

Please contact us on + 33(0)2 85 29 43 44 or by email : formation@ablogix.fr for a quote.


The training activity of ABlogiX is "registered under number 52 72 01527 72. This registration is not equivalent to State approval", in accordance with Article L6322-48.

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