13 October 2017

Network engineering

ABlogiX supports you in defining your network infrastructure :


ABlogiX supports you in setting up your network architecture:

  • Definition of the network architecture
  • Configuration of network equipment (switches, routers, etc.)
  • Setting up VLANs, ACLs, etc…

Internet load balancing (Multi-WAN)

Low throughput or need to set up a back-up link? Need to prioritise flows? ABlogiX offers you a solution for managing several Internet links and prioritising them according to your needs.

Virtual Private Network

ABlogiX supports you in setting up a virtual private network to enable you to share data between your different entities in a transparent and secure manner.


A key element in the operational maintenance of your information system, supervision allows you to provide information on the information system and to monitor the performance of your infrastructure on a daily basis and to identify bottlenecks.