13 October 2017

Palo-Alto Firewall

Palo Alto Networks, the first network security solution certified by the ANSSI in France.

ABlogiX is a certified partner on Palo Alto Networks next generation firewalls to meet the most demanding network security needs.

The traditional firewall is no longer effective in complex infrastructure configurations. Today’s threats easily bypass traditional firewalls because they are not tied to ports or protocols and can even be encrypted.

Palo Alto Networks offers next-generation firewalls that can see and control applications, users and content simultaneously at up to 20Gbs, without performance degradation.

Full control of applications, users and content

Three key solutions :

  • Identify applications
  • Protect against threats
  • Simplify infrastructure

Three identification technologies in one go :

App-ID : to identify applications accurately.

User-ID : for seamless integration with enterprise directory services such as Active Directory, eDirectory, LDAP and Citrix.

Content-ID : Plux scanning engine to block all types of threats and limit unauthorised file and data transfer. Comprehensive URL database to monitor web browsing.

This analysis is done in a single pass allowing high performance to be maintained through parallel processing by all existing and future analysis modules.