13 October 2017

ABeeX – Software Development Environment

Companies in the technology sector face a constant challenge. Indeed, combining market trends and opportunities with innovative software products in a timely manner remains difficult. Therefore, and in order to meet these challenges, ABlogiX offers a wide range of development services (agile and waterfall ELM SaaS development environment). This starts with architecture, through application development, and then testing and customization.

Our software development capabilities are based on industry best practices. And they meet the most complex requirements. We use agile and iterative development. It is also geographically dispersed in terms of application concepts, software architecture and specifications.

Our software development solutions provided are :

  • Hosting of the ELM Saas agile and waterfall development environment, with support and improvement of the process-tools on your international projects
  • Rapid provision of the necessary and sufficient tooling processes for your projects
  • Integration of tools to ensure software quality and application security
Cloud ABeeX