14 October 2021


Interactive Analysis Security Test (IAST) identifies vulnerabilities in a web application during use and navigation of the site’s pages, logging in and entering information, etc….

IAST tests are available with APPSCAN on its On-Premise and also Cloud version.

APPSCAN IAST offers the advantage of automating vulnerability testing in the DevOps chain and thus paralleling functional (User Interface) and security testing..

Optimise your testing activities with APPSCAN and ACCELERATE from HCL

HCL Accelerate is the value stream management tool that automates all tests and monitors the results in order to decide quickly in case of blockages or non-conformities.

The use of APPSCAN and ACCELERATE allows :

  • Preventing safety and quality efforts from “fading over time
  • Easily identify who does (and does not) perform security scans
  • Understanding the impact of security analysis on build and deployment times
  • Leverage security analytics for governance
  • Monitoring the evolution of security vulnerabilities
Dashboard of HCL ACCELERATE with Metrics on DAST, SAST vulnerability testing

Parallel UI and vulnerability testing with APPSCAN’s IAST agent

Functional tests of the user interface (browsing web pages, entering logins and passwords, entering values in forms, etc.) can be time-consuming and ultimately avoided. In this case, it is advisable to automate them by recording the paths and entries in order to replay them before any delivery.

HCL OneTest UI enables the automation of these tests and adds the following benefits :

  • iterative execution of the page flow with different data sets (e.g. login/password, etc…)
  • addition of checkpoints on the correct display of information (messages, buttons, etc.)
Illustration of the joint use of OneTest UI + APPSCAN IAST + Accelerate for functional and vulnerability testing