13 October 2017

SSi_Tr2 – Information Systems Security Awareness

Réf : SSI_Tr2

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This training is intended for all audiences.


Information security has become a major priority for all digital users, whether they are professionals or individuals.

Although the notion of information systems (IS) security may seem to be a subject to be dealt with at the IS level of a company or an establishment, the fact remains that the end user (employee or private individual) is a major link in the “hygiene” chain of IT security. This course covers the basics, illustrated by a few demonstrations of attacks in order to popularise the concepts and mechanisms and thus better understand the objectives of IT security and to familiarise oneself with an environment where everything evolves very quickly.


This course does not require any particular pre-requisites.


  • To make information system users aware of computer risks.
  • Acquire the current vocabulary of information systems security.
  • Acquire basic notions related to good computer security practices.
  • Presentation of good practices to better protect oneself from computer attacks.
  • Know how to use a password manager.



Presentation of the training day.

Digital news

Presentation of the most significant events of recent years.


Terms most commonly used in the IT world and more specifically in the field of IT security.

Definition of an attacker

The objectives, motivations and means that an attacker may use to achieve these ends.


What are the direct and indirect impacts for a company and what are the impacts for users on a professional and personal level.

Risks and vulnerabilities

Definition of risks and vulnerabilities for a user of IT tools.


  • Learning how to use the KeepassX password manager.
  • Identification of security risks.

Good practice

Non-exhaustive presentation of good practices to limit the risks linked to the use of IT tools.


1 day (the content can also be adapted according to the technological context and the level of knowledge of the trainees).

  • The training can be provided both face-to-face and remotely
  • The training can take place on an inter-company or intra-company basis

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