13 October 2017

pfSense Firewall

ABlogiX offers to assist you in the installation and configuration of pfSense firewalls.

Based on FreeBSD, pfSense offers a complete solution to secure your network.

In addition to the classic firewall features, pfSense has a whole range of network services. I will present you some of them, those I have used or that seem interesting to me.

  • State Table: The State Table contains information about network connections. It allows to have an overview of the connections and especially to create rules for example on the maximum number of connections for a host.
  • Network Address Translation (NAT): Allows to reach a machine located on the LAN from outside.
  • Management of private networks virutelsIpSec, OpenVPN or PPTP.
  • DHCP server.
  • DNS server and dynamic DNS.
  • Captive portal.
  • Redundancy and load balancing.
  • System and network load graphing.
  • URL filtering
  • Software can be installed via a package system. The number of available applications is constantly growing thanks to the investment of the community.

ABlogiX offers two pfSense firewall models :

RAM memory4GB8 GB
ProcessorCPU AMD Série G T40 1GhzCPU Intel Celeron 1,8Ghz
OSPfSense 2.2PfSesnse 2.2
GBe ports36
Guarantee3 years3 years