13 October 2017

Network security

ABlogiX supports you in securing your network infrastructure and offers its expertise in the following areas :


The configuration of your firewall is an essential component of the security of your network infrastructure and is a determining factor in the security of your information system. ABlogiX can assist you in setting up, configuring and training on different models.

S.I.E.M / Log Management

The SIEM collects the events of your information system as well as the system logs of your firewalls, routers, servers, etc. It allows the centralisation, management and correlation of the events of your information system. Its implementation can be complex and requires expertise that ABlogiX can offer you.

Securing the mobile fleet

Mobility has become a key issue in the enterprise. Users are increasingly bringing and using their own equipment in the company (BYOD); however, the company’s data must be protected. ABlogiX offers mobile and BYOD management and fleet solutions that enable compliance to be checked (antivirus status, rooted or jailbroken hardware) of the mobile device before it is connected to the company’s network.