13 October 2017

Squat Monitoring : SQUATMON

This service called “Squatmon” for “Squate Monitoring” is an e-commerce domain name security monitoring service.

With this service ABlogiX aims to :

  • fFacilitate both the registration and the entry of domain names to be monitored and their monitoring criteria,
  • Automate the generation of domain name variants (based on typographical errors and homo-glyphs),
  • Automate the search for the existence and use of the variant on all the domain name authority servers.
  • Automate the detection of the similarity of the site to the original site
  • Calculate the criticality level of each variant
  • provide the results of this security watch in the form of a synthetic dashboard with graphs, and also in detailed form “in a click”.

The security intelligence market is growing rapidly for several reasons :

  • Increase in large-scale hacking (hundreds of thousands of personal customer account data are frequently stolen …)
  • Domain name extensions are changing a lot : email, …
  • The naming rules for domain names are being modified (addition of accented characters, non-Latin alphabets, etc.)

It is therefore difficult for a company or an individual to be aware of all these changes and the associated risks.

By providing this service and meeting these requirements, ABlogiX also wants to make this service accessible to everyone at an affordable price.