11 December 2023

ABeeDev – Your SaaS Development Engineering

Solution for all development engineering disciplines
A modular offering up to security testing.


ABeeDev is a comprehensive SaaS project management solution that can handle

  • RequirementsManagement : contracts, standards, regulations, specifications, etc…
  • Activity Management: schedule tracking, and reporting
  • Version Management and continuous integration as CI/CD
  • Global Configuration Management of product and product variants
  • Test and Control Management (manual and automated)
  • ArchitectureModel Management (UML / SysML)

ABeeDev can be subscribed by contacting us at contact@ablogix.com
or through the MarketPlace at : https://marketplace.redhat.com/en-us/products/abeedev


  • Rapid provisioning of ELM features tailored to your needs
  • Deployment of ELM for your specific production projects as well as testing needs / Sandbox (such as training, and process model refinement, …)
  • Unlimited declared users for a defined number of concurrent accesses
  • Integration with testing tools for DevOps and DevSecOps deployment
  • Server ELM updates to the latest versions and patchs
  • Secure access with multi-factor authentication (MFA)

ABeeDev-1 : Available Modules for ELM and DevSecOps

The offering is modular* and extensible based on your needs and process maturity :

  • ELM_RM : Gestion des Exigences
  • ELM_CCM : Gestion des tâches + planning et reporting + gestion des versions
  • ELM_QM : Gestion des Plans de Tests et rapport d’exécution
  • ELM_BASE : Incluant les 3 fonctions ELM_RM + ELM_CCM + ELM_QM
  • ELM_GCM : Gestion des configurations globales et des lignes de Produits
  • ELM_AM : Gestion de l’Architecture U
  • ELM_RM : Requirements Management
  • ELM_CCM : Task Management + Scheduling and Reporting + Version control
  • ELM_QM : Test Plan Management and Execution Reporting
  • ELM_BASE : Includes the three ELM functions ELM_RM + ELM_CCM + ELM_QM
  • ELM_GCM : Global Configuration Management and Product Line Management
  • ELM_AM : UML / SysML Architecture Management

DevSecOps : Integration with tools such as :

  • Ci_Accelerate : PipeLine Management
  • Ci_SAC : Code Vulnerability Analysis in the IDE
  • Ci_FT : Functional Web Interface Testing, … + API testing + Performance Testing
  • Ci_IAST : Interactive Security Testing
  • Ci_DAST : Dynamic Security Testing
  • Ci_SAST : Static Security Testing
  • Cd_Launch : Deployment Management

*Possibility of integration with existing tools, subject to study

*Please contact us for pricing based on modules and the number of concurrent users.

Our ABeeDev offering can be complemented by the following service offerings:

– Support and guidance on tools and process improvement

– Training on tools (for administrators and users)

– Training on engineering methods (VSM, Agile, Systems Engineering, Requirements Engineering, …)

– Project oversight by a dedicated contact (KATA : Key Account Technical Advisor)

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